C5 | Your Cyber Partner
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What We Do – Mission

C5 Cyber Partners provides next-generation virtualization and supporting technologies, focused on cyber training, testing and development in government, military and key private sector markets.

Client Partner Challenges

The Cyber Domain is more dynamic and prevalent as ever, still, many governments, business, and industry organizations have been reactive to the concerns of cybersecurity. With cyber attacks and their devastating effects constantly increasing, there is a renewed emphasis on properly equipping and training critical infrastructure and cyber operations.  Many of our client partners have also struggled with a litany of legacy applications, the cost and effort to test and develop, and other infrastructure issues while searching for cost-effective, fully integrated, dynamic solutions.


Corporate Client Partners

Training, testing and development strategies to protect intellectual property, customer records and reputation. The impact of major cyber attacks far exceed millions in fines, near-term revenue loss, organizational disruption, and continued losses through damaged reputation are preventable with proper training measures. Companies seek more efficient, higher fidelity workspace to test and develop new applications and hardware products, as well as deal with legacy apps.


Military Client Partners

The military is working hard to quickly mature the cyber force mission and fill cyber warrior positions with highly competent, well training personnel.  Policy and strategy are being shaped to facilitate the adoption of next-generation training, testing, and development solutions to facilitate collective and unit training within both the cyber mission force and corps support and below, cyber warriors.

Military units must have the ability to train as they fight, maximize agility in anticipating and responding to threat scenarios, prepare and execute challenging in-theater communications and intelligence, all while minimizing expenditure of time, personnel, and money and preparing for potential peer or near-peer adversaries.  This includes integration of cyber into the traditional domains of Air, Land, and Sea, as well as Space.

We have the solutions to fill the critical thinking gap and high fidelity testing environments to meet your needs, please check our Solutions page

How We Work

While we understand the cyber landscape and challenges, the C5 Cyber Partners team strives to fully understand your specific mission, your specific requirements and your particular challenges, partnering with you to provide the absolute best solution to truly exceed expectations.

C5 Cyber Partners evaluated the technologies available today and continues to select only the most innovative and forward-leaning solutions that provide the best value proposition for our client partners including dramatic cost-benefit and a disruptive set of functional advantages.  As we move forward, we continue to evaluate and offer cutting-edge technology and services that are fully integrated with our core solution.

In sum, we are a cyber training, testing and development solutions provider, focused on delivering agile and secure environments to our partners. Our commitment is to be responsive to you as a partner, we invest ourselves in your success.