C5 | Solutions
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  • We fill a need in critical thinking gap to maximize the effectiveness of cyber professionals
  • C5 Cyber Partners provides a suite of technologies built around the singular-best, software-defined infrastructure solution available today.
  • We can integrate your existing tools, software, and solutions: what you get is only what you need.
  • We create next-generation cyber ranges for training, testing, and exercises for high-fidelity cyber security environments.
  • Our partner ecosystem provides best of breed cyber tools to gain information dominance
  • Our solution provides a persistent, scalable, and secure way to gain access to resources on demand
  • We can quickly deploy and mirror any infrastructure in high fidelity


  • 10x speed
  • 10x+ cost reduction
  • Use existing infrastructure/software
  • Reduced footprint
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Accessibility/Cloud
  • Increased security
  • And more…


  • Virtualize – nearly anything with an IP
    • Server
    • Switch
    • Router
    • PCs/Laptops
    • IoT devices
    • Controllers
    • Add hardware-in-the-loop
    • …and more…
  • Train – anywhere, anytime, highly scalable, flexible and with superior fidelity
    • Attack
    • Defend
    • Infrastructure
    • Customize your environment, hardware in the loop, save-use-refresh within minutes,
  • Testing and Development – do more with less cost, more quickly and comprehensively
    • Plan and evaluate new infrastructure
    • Test old and new software and equipment