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What We Do – Mission

C5 Cyber Partners provides innovative solutions to solve cyber security and human challenges, delivering extensive capabilities and next generation technologies and services through a team of experts in cyber strategy, security, and implementation.

Client Partners

The C5 Cyber goal is to assist our Client Partners by listening to understand their specific needs and challenges. We realize our partners have very different needs and goals no matter if you are a Government, Healthcare, Energy, or Manufacturing partner. Helping your organization to become better through People, Processes, and Technology is where our expertise comes in to play.


Organizations no matter the size or industry can suffer a cyber-attack or breach at any time. The impact of a cyber-attack can be crippling, with the rippling effects costing millions in lost revenue, organizational disruption, and trust from the people relying on your organizations reputation.



Ensure team members understand the processes and systems within your organization then validate those assumptions. Measure and train your staff using empirical data for immediate results!



Know what is working, what is not, and how to make it better! Prove the effectiveness of your technology investments, creating the best “Defense in Depth” posture. Understand the effectiveness of the solutions in your organization, proactively identify issues and expose gaps.



Sophisticated cyber attacks demand an effective defense system that can evolve. Maintain compliance and improve your detection capabilities to better hunt, detect and respond to evolving and sophisticated threats.

Client Partner Challenges

The Cyber Domain is more dynamic and prevalent as ever, still, many government, business, and industry organizations have been reactive to the concerns of cybersecurity. With cyber-attacks and their devastating effects increasing in scope and scale, public and private sector organizations have renewed emphasis on properly equipping and training their cyber security teams.


Get Solutions

How We Work

While we understand the cyber landscape and challenges, the C5 Cyber Partners team strives to fully understand your specific mission, your specific requirements and your particular challenges, partnering with you to provide the solutions best suited to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.


C5 Cyber Partners evaluates technologies available today and selects only the most innovative and forward-leaning solutions that provide the best value proposition for our client partners including dramatic cost-benefit and a disruptive set of functional advantages. As the cyber landscape evolves, we continue to rely on an extended team of cyber strategy, security and implementation partners to stay on the leading edge.


C5 Cyber is committed to the principal of helping with integrity; delivering only what you need, how you need it, when you need it, and with the highest caliber of people. We look forward to the having the conversation about the challenges most important to you, and how we can partner to solve them.