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About Us



C5 Cyber Partners was formed as a natural convergence of several high performing professionals with shared values, intent on working together to provide needed technologies and services in a crucial market. The cyber realm is an exciting industry and we knew we could work together to help client partners. Our purpose is simply that, to help, and to do so with a great team of passionate, inquisitive, problem-solving, like-minded professionals of integrity.


Initially, we sought to provide solutions across the cyber spectrum, yet evolved the company to focus on where we thought we could provide the most impact based upon our backgrounds, and our premier, solutions at the core of our solutions set.


We are problem solvers, critical thinkers, and doers. We have a passion for tackling tough challenges, for technology, for doing what’s right, and for our country. Our backgrounds include military service, sales, operations, training, and technology. Together, we complement each other with overlapping skill sets, experience, and perspective.


Critical Challenges, Innovative Solutions truly sums up value to our client partners. What’s your critical challenge?


C5 is a trusted, recognized leader for delivering unique, disruptive cyber technology and service solutions that resolve critical challenges.



C5 Cyber Partners is comprised of technology executives, computer scientists, and solution developers who over the last fifteen years have collectively assisted the U.S. Government and commercial partners in developing technical requirements, network architecture, and cybersecurity solutions that support some the most critical infrastructures and companies around the globe.


C5 Cyber Partners was built on shared Values such as Tenacity, Integrity, and Determination providing only the most leading-edge technology solutions and services that meet our partners high expectations.